Anonymous asked: your icon is perfect omg

thaaanks!! x

Anonymous asked: I think you'll love the movie! Giant robots! Giant monsters! A cute Japanese girl and handsome boys! :D

!!!! i’ll be for sure to check it out! i’ll let you know when i do nonnie; i’ll make a post and everything <3

Anonymous asked: Hello Ravercat my favorite blogger! Do you like Pacific Rim?

hello nonnie!! c: i actually haven’t seen pacific rim yet, what are your thoughts on it? been meaning to watch it, haven’t found the time yet!

Anonymous asked: who drew your icon?? it's so cute! I want to see the full picture

hello! c: my friend meghan drew me my icon and this is the full picture

(this is my fursona, ghost, i’ve had her for about nine years)

Anonymous asked: your blog in my dash always makes me happy

oh my goodness, thank you so much! (●´∀`)ノ♡ it makes me so happy i make people happy with my blog aaaaaahhhh

Anonymous asked: hey ravercat do you watch hannibal?

No but I really want to ;o; It looks so interesting!

Do any of my followers watch it/have opinions on it so I can get my butt moving to watch it? lol

Anonymous asked: who posted that vine with cute porter ? :D

Carnage. [x]

Anonymous asked: are you engaged? is that true?

Yes that’s true. c: I’ve been engaged since July of last year to my girlfriend~ I’ve never been happier, really ;o;

Anonymous asked: who passed away? :'(

my friend adam; he died of a heart attack..

Anonymous asked: RAVERCAT I LOVE YOU!