Anonymous asked: who passed away? :'(

my friend adam; he died of a heart attack..

Anonymous asked: RAVERCAT I LOVE YOU!


thelittlethousand asked: so i wus about to message and thank you for following back then i was like woah wait i know her do i really need to thank her then i thought about it for a while and hi thanks for following back. how you been? peace

……..nathin oh my god

hi, you’re welcome for the follow back (i almost typed fall out boy ffs)

been good, suffering through a sinus infection \o/

peace, weirdo xx

yungfurb asked: this anon is a little shithead, if they arent happy for you that you saw one of your FAVORITE ARTISTS AND MET HIM DESPITE HAVING ANXIETY then they can really go fuck themselves. i've seen him once, and if i had the chance to meet him, id probably cry and decide not to. so anon, zoee did something amazing. and who really gives a fuck if shes only seen him twice? get your head out of your ass.

cara oh my god i love you

pocketpinya-deactivated20130929 asked: no ur a fagit >:V


nearlydeadcats asked: Anon is a dick. Fuck them for making you feel shitty about being a fan - being a fan is about enjoying and admiring someone's work, it isn't about who can afford the most fucking merch or whatever. Jesus, people like them make me so angry.

thank you. ugh.

no they make me mad too. i don’t get why just because you (using that word loosely) don’t have any money or whatever, don’t go to shows often, makes you a shit fan.

it’s the love and dedication and your special bond that brings you closer to an artist and a better fan in general. 

ugh. thank you though. <3

chvrchofnoise asked: don't let anons like that get to you! people don't know you and what the music means to you. :)

this. <3

jadechecksout asked: Hey that anon is a totally dickbag, you can be a fan of something and NEVER see them live, personally I fucking love Deadmau5 but does he ever come to Australia? Haha no. And George Michael, sorry if I don't have $200 to blow on a STANDARD TICKET I shall love my bad music for a carpark thanks (actually what I did when he came to Perth whoa I'[m poor haha) You are an AWESOME fan

my best friend is in australia; in hobart actually, so i’m always hearing her be sad about shows not coming there or her not being able to go to them due to age limit or the distance from hobart to perth or sydney to see shows. i know she goes to breath of life to see 360, and she’s going this year to see madeon… but i know she wanted to see borgore (couldn’t go; too far, not old enough).

i’ve seen joel once before he had the cube, it was my first gig (if you even wanna call it that?) and ugh. trust me, it sucks to wait, but it’s worth the wait. george michael is the shit though. and me either— sometimes venues charge too much for tickets oh my god. 

the venue here usually doesn’t charge much, normal shows are about $10-15 but for porter it was $25, which was like— $60 bucks for my mom and i. not bad but still a big hole in my pocket; the hole in my pocket was worth it, i met him and he told me he was proud of me, i think that’s more successful than most things a person could have/experience.

thank you though. xx <3

Anonymous asked: Wow, you're terrible. No job and you've only seen him twice? You're a horrible fan.

… i don’t have a job because my anxiety is horrible and flares up at the worst times, making me incapable of movement and proper thinking. i’m not on medication because my family can’t afford it and i react negatively to drugs. i’m mentally disabled and i’m on a path to recovery, and it’s very hard. i should be able to get a job sometime in the summer or fall of this year— but even then it’s only a temporary job because of my anxiety. 

i’ve only seen him twice because i:

  • cannot afford it
  • his shows are out of state, i cannot fly out to see him as much as i want to
  • he has better fans than me
  • his shows are out of state
  • his shows are out of state
  • his shows are out of state.

thanks for making me feel like shit, dude. fuck you.

Anonymous asked: people don't have to pretend to like you bb. you are lovely and people genuinely fall in love with the way you are. smile UwU

… smushes face

i love whoever you are okay ;_; shhh i’m smiling the best i can while on antibiotics <333